Monday, February 9, 2009

Parlons Français!

Bonjour! Or if you are an Elf "creoso!" Each year many inhabitants of Middle-earth are reluctant to visit France because of their unfamiliarity with the language. Well this handy guide is designed to get conversing with confidence. Let us begin lesson one. Leçon une.

" Je m'appelle Sauron. J'habite au Mordor"
" I am called Sauron. I live in Mordor."

" Je m'appelle Elrond. J'ai plus de trois mille ans."
" I am called Elrond. I am over three thousand years old."

" Écoutez! Boromir souffle la corne de Gondor"
" Listen! Boromir is blowing the horn of Gondor.

" Ne donnez pas la boucle à Frodo. Donnez-le moi.
" Do not give the ring to Frodo. Give it to me!"

" Regardez les Elfes. Les Elfes sont gentils."
" Look at the Elves. The Elves are nice."

" Regardez les Orques. Les Orques ne sont pas gentil."
" Look at the Orcs. The Orcs are not nice."

" Je m'appelle Aragorn. C'est l'epée qui etait cassé. Je l'ai réparée."
" I am called Aragorn. This is the sword that was broken. I have fixed it."

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