Monday, June 22, 2009

Croeso i Torchwood

More details have been released of the proposed Torchwood Exhibition in Cardiff.

Visitors will take the role of a Torchwood recruit and become involved in a series of interactive displays featuring recreations of Torchwood sets, props, costumes and moments from the show.

Each visitor is issued with a swipe card which can be used to assess their 'Torchwood Quotient' by answering questions on the series as they pass through the exhibition which includes ; a welcome video message and briefing from Captain Jack (actor John Barrowman); recreation of 'The Hub' set; Alien Sex Gas attack; Cyberwoman attack; Cannibalistic Welsh Villagers attack; an exhibition of props and costumes; Weevil attack; a special effects display (includes an attack by Abbadon); plus an exciting finale where visitors must prevent the Turnmill Nuclear Power Plant from going into meltdown.

Survivors will then be rated according to their performance. Visitors who pass will be dosed with the amnesia drug Retcon and then asked if they would like to see the Cardiff Torchwood exhibition, those who fail will be buried alive in a grave under Cardiff for a thousand years in an authentic recreation of the exciting events of the series two episode Exit Wounds.