Monday, July 27, 2009

Who's Wearing What?

Exclusive to all newspapers

With the unveiling of Matt Smith's new costume an overworked junior reporter takes a look back at what other Doctors were wearing during the decades that fashion forgot!

David Tennant, he made wearing a crumpled brown suit look good.

Here he is again. In a dinner jacket!

And another picture of David Tennant looking full on gorgeous in blue!

Christopher Eccleston looked a bit hard and not as nice as David Tennant.

Paul McGann. Fans call him the forgotten Doctor. I'll never forget David Tennant.

Sylvester McCoy wore a lot of question marks and was Scotch. Like the lovely David Tennant.

Colin Baker wore bright colours! Eventually he was put on trial by his own people; for crimes against fashion!

Peter Davison. I remember him, he played a vet [sub please insert joke about the Doctor's worst enemy being Thatcher].

Tom Baker had a long scarf. It was the seventies when people like Twiggy and Slade wore mad clothes.

The other three. They wore clothes and some of them were black and white, imagine that!