Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Time Lords Launch Clean Up Gallifrey Campaign

Angry Time Lord bosses today unveiled the first stage of a campaign to clean up Gallifrey in the wake of the Time War.

“Gallifrey's orange and pleasant land is being ruined by thoughtlessly disposed of Time War litter,” blasted a High Council member,” wrecked Dalek saucers; decommissioned Bowships, empty Black Hole converters and chunks of The Nightmare Child all over Mount Perdition.”

“We can't go on like this. What used to be the Shining World of the Seven Systems is now an eyesore. From now on it is the duty of every citizen of Gallifrey to keep their planet looking beautiful. Yes we may be Time Locked inside the worst war in the history of the Universe, yes we may be stuck here for all eternity with the Horde of Travesties, but that's no excuse to let our standards drop.”
The multi-media campaign includes posters (see above) and two thirty second adverts; the first featuring the Lord President himself using the Gauntlet of Rassilon to disintegrate piles of litter; while in the second, a bag of rubbish thrown from a Dalek saucer lands at the feet of a Time Lord who stares into the camera as a single tear runs down his face. The adverts are scheduled to start running on Public Register Video and Amplified Panatropic Net +1 from last week.

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