Monday, January 26, 2009

Is that Pun Loaded?

While the documentaries on the Doctor Who DVDs are very good their titles can be a bit variable. Getting a Head on the Brain of Morbius is great and Hello Sailor!, on the Sea Devils cannot be topped but Dreams and Fantasy on the Invisible Enemy? The Making of Mindwarp? In fact all the documentary titles on The Trial of a Timelord set are a bit lackluster.

Here's some they should have used.

The Leisure Hive- Romana Holiday. It would probably have worked on City of Death as well but that had Paris in the Springtime which is okay, if not actually a pun.
The Seeds of Death- A T-Mat of Life and Death.
The Web Planet- Isop's Fables.
Timelash- The Good, the Borad, and the Ugly. The DVD went for The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, so near and yet so far. Never Mind the Morlox would have worked as well but see The Space Museum below.
The Invisible Enemy- SaturnDay Night Fever. Anything with Saturday in the title would have worked SaturnDay Night's Alright (For Fighting the Nucleus of the Swarm); see. SaturnDay Night and Sunday Morning; well maybe not that one.

And there's still time to use these (except maybe The Keys of Marinus, unless they go for a costly recall to edit in a new documentary title).

The Space Museum- Never Mind the Moroks. There's still time to use this one guys.
The Keys of Marinus- Voord Do You Think You Are. How much do DVD recalls cost anyway?
Dragonfire- Citizen Kane. Boring but obvious what with all the film references in the script.
Planet of Fire- Sarn Like it Hot. Or, Being in Lava Means Never Having to Say You're Sorry because of the volcano.
Time and the Rani: Tetrap a Thief . Tetrap sounds a bit like To Trap... yes it's weak but this is harder than you'd think. If only the story had two Ranis instead of two Mels. If there had been three Mels you could use Melnage a Trois which sounds a bit rude.
Terror of the Autons- Auton Erotic Asphyxiation which sounds extremely rude.

Finally, here are some that can never be used unless the episode is found.

Galaxy 4- Ammonia Rill in a Gilded Cage. Drahvin Miss Maaga. The Rills Are Alive. Or, Galaxy Phwoar! because the Drahvins are all women (perhaps not).