Monday, January 5, 2009

This week in Who

Lessons Learned on the casting of Matt Smith as Doctor #11.

1. It's really confusing to cast a new Doctor the week after broadcasting a story called "The Next Doctor".

"Have you seen the new Doctor Who?"
"The Next Doctor?"
"Yes, the new Doctor Who."
"No, do you mean have I seen the Next Doctor or the new Doctor?"
"I mean the new Doctor Who, the next Doctor".
(collapse of stout party)

2. Number crunching.

Percentage of online fans who have just worked out they are older than the new Doctor: 82%
Percentage of online fans taking comfort from the fact that while they are older than the new Doctor he is not yet young enough to be their son: 63%
Percentage of forums where someone posting about being older than the Doctor gets the reply,"you don't look 900 years old": 100%

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