Monday, August 17, 2009

The Inevitable Disappointing Summer Replacement

In the tradition of television channels scheduling series in the summer death slot, while the audience is outside enjoying the good weather, Shouting into a well presents Space:1999.

The exciting titles for the second series of Space:1999 include a shot of Moonbase Commander John Koenig spinning round in his chair and opening fire with his laser gun. What could possibly have provoked such a furious reaction?

1. "Surprise!"
2. "I'm going to the coffee machine Commander, another espresso?"
3. "Raaaagh! I am the monster of the week!"
4. "Your agent called, how do you feel about doing series three?"
5. "Koenig is a shmuck"
6. "I've printed out a list from the internet that gives one hundred reasons why Captain Kirk is better than you."
7. "How come you're doing this series when you won an Emmy for Mission: Impossible?"
8. "Reaction test! Go!"
9. "Who wants to listen to CĂ©line Dion?"
10."How are the anger management classes going John?"