Monday, August 24, 2009

Star Profile: The Vespiform

He's the bee's knees!

Name: Arnold Golightly.
Born: 1885, India.
Appeared in: The Unicorn and the Wasp (2008), as Himself.

Other roles:

(2009) That Mitchell and Webb Look, episode 4, as Hideous Giant Wasp.
(2007) Black Swarm, as Killer Wasp.
(1997) Anaconda, as Wasp
(1992) Frasier, as Delivery Man (2 episodes)
(1986) The Fly, as Wasp (scenes deleted).

Let Us Play

Being a weekly guide for children of all ages who wish to play games adapted from their favourite television programmes.

This week, BBC1's The Tripods. A game for three players.

The rules: The players sit on the ground bored and every now and again one of them says," you know I was sure something was going to happen this week."

Next week: Let Us Play Brimstone and Treacle.