Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Backlash Begins!

Doctor Who fans are revolting. At Matt Smith that is!

The reviews of Matt Smith's first Doctor Who episode are in and they are all completely negative! Amazingly a simple Google web search for the keywords Matt Smith Eleventh Hour review -unbelievably -good -positive -brilliant -fantastic -highest -quality -amazing -superb -glorious -liked reveals no praise at all.

In fact as the screen-grab below shows, this search returned no results of any kind suggesting that the new series, which is due to start on 3rd April, could be a ratings disaster with publicity being poor to non-existent.

And, in an astonishing turn of events at the press launch for the series, new producer Steven Moffat himself blasted the performance of the two main characters saying,” I was such a huge fan of Doctor Who. I... want to know why... Matt Smith... doesn't come I originally wrote the part. I think it is centrally vital for Doctor Who that … our two main characters... go.”

It is with regret that Shouting Into A Well covers this story. This blog does not wish to become a centre for fan protests about the shocking decline in quality of the new series, a first point of call for any fan who feels Doctor Who is heading in the wrong direction, but if this is a mantle which must be worn then it is one which is reluctantly accepted. Along with the inevitable publicity, cash , success, interviews, cash, television appearances, and cash which will doubtless follow. It will be long, hard, thankless, profitable, work and every mouthful of Groucho Club Champagne that washes down a handful of complimentary cashew nuts will taste like bitter ashes.

This is not a cynical attempt to drum up web hits by generating needless controversy before a single episode has even been shown. It is also not sour grapes at not being invited to the press launch; Shouting Into A Well had plans that night, anyway. This is about the future of Doctor Who!