Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Jennings And The Spacemen by Anthony Buckeridge.

' Don't be such an ozard specimen Darbi,' scoffed Jennings,' even first-form ticks like Blotwell don't think scarecrows are magic and stroll round at night.'

It is November but for Jennings, and his good friend Darbyshire, the excitement of Fireworks night is as nothing compared to the odd turn events have taken at Linbury Court School. New history master Mr. Smith has lost his watch, Atkinson is acting very strangely indeed, and now Darbyshire is convinced that the local farmer's scarecrows are walking around by themselves.

What is causing the mysterious green lights in the night? Can a space-ship really have landed on the cricket square? Is Mr. Wilkins right to put it down to the boys' over-active imaginations? Or is this shaping up to be the strangest term yet?

You Are Doctor Who!: A Choose Your Own Adventure Story
Week By Week This Series Builds Into A Complete Adventure In Which You Play The First Doctor
Part: 672

672 Stepping from the TARDIS you look around uncertainly. The air is thin here and this makes breathing difficult. Strange moons hang in the sky over a barren, rocky landscape. Ian Chesterton follows you out and looks around.

If you want to call Chesterton 'Chatterton' then go to 430
If you want to call Chesterton 'Chessington' then go to 234
If you want to bound away into the distance while giggling like a loon then go to 782