Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's Terrible Old Joke Wednesday

It's Wednesday 14th of April so, according to tradition, it's time to dig up some terrible old Atraxi jokes.

The Atraxi Leader hated wearing his glasses.

Q:What Do You Call A Three Eyed Atraxi?
A: Atraxiii !

Q:What Do You Call A No Eyed Atraxi?
A: Atrax !

The Atraxi Leader goes to the optician for an eye test. After a few basic tests the optician points to an eye chart and asks,” can you read the letters on this for me?”.
“ I can't see it,” replies the Atraxi leader.
So the optician gets a chart with bigger letters and points to it again,” can you read these letters?” he asks.
“No,” replies the Atraxi Leader,” I can't see those either.”
The optician gets the chart with the biggest letters he can find and holds it up,” surely you must be able to see these.”
“ I'm sorry but I still can't see them,” says the Atraxi Leader.
Frustrated the optician unzips his trousers and exposes himself,” can you see that,” he shouts.
“ Good grief, yes,” says the Atraxi Leader,” I can see THAT clearly.”
“ Well there's the problem,” says the optician,” you're cock-eyed.”