Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Amy Pond Kissogram: At Your Service

Lads* here’s your chance to get a snog with Amazing Pouting Amy Pond!

Now that The Eleventh Hour has revealed Amy works as a Kissogram, Shouting Into A Well is proud to give YOU a chance to dress Awesome Pneumatic Amy Pond in the costume of your dreams** and then kiss her!

Here’s how it works.

Cut out the picture to the left of Amy. She's dressed in her Policewoman costume and you COULD get a snog off her straight away but, just for fun, we've also provided a selection of alternate saucy costumes for you to choose from; as well as a few fun props which we think Amy might want to use.

Cut the costumes out, dress Amy in the costume of your choice, and pucker up.

It's literally that easy!

(note: you'll need to click on the images to see the full sized picture before cutting them out)

It's literally all in YOUR imagination! But remember, Kissograms often say a fun and saucy line before they deliver their message! For example, Naughty Policewoman Amy might say,"I'll have to TAKE DOWN your particulars". Don't worry if you can't think of anything for Amy to say at first, we've provided three to get you started.

* And lasses; Shouting Into A Well is proud to be a non-discriminatory purveyor of lechery to Doctor Who fans.
** Any similarity between this blog entry and Shouting Into A Well's earlier Dress Matt Smith is entirely co-incidental ish. Although thinking about it, if you wanted you could probably dress Matt Smith up and snog him as well, or not, as you prefer, or you could make Matt Smith snog Amy Pond! It’s a snogasbord!