Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monster Mash

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By Roboman2051
The original and best...
Absolutely brilliant! You can see why they are still the leaders of the planet invading game. Mass exterminations followed by total suppression of the population. We knew this was going to be good when the invasion started with an orbital bombardment by germ infected meteorites. We were helpless! Highly recommended. 100%, would definitely be invaded by them again.

By Lumicfan
You never know what you're going to get
We've been invaded by the Cybermen numerous times and they always manage to surprise us. Which will it be? Hypnotic signals followed by a cyber-army bursting out of the sewer? Crashing an anti-matter filled spaceship into the planet? Bursting in through a breach in the universe? If you are planning on having your planet invaded more than once then try these guys. It will never get boring. Plus the survivors get a free upgrade!

By DominatorRagu(it brings out the Italian in you!)
Planetary invasion for the budget conscious.

Cheap but very effective. The Dominators do a great deal of stamping around and shouting at people along with a few nice explosions. They come with these little robots called Quarks which blow up nicely when the resistance attacks them. At the end their exploding doomsday device made a little volcano which was super.

By DraculaAD1972
Too much jaw-jaw, not enough war-war

They came out of the sea in a black fog. Very atmospheric. But then the leader went into this “my world is dying speech” and kept going on about pollution. Like being invaded by Bono and Sting.

By JohnZoidberg
Nice but not really what we were expecting.
The Ood first contacted us psychically which is different but then instead of brutally oppressing people they offered to sing us to sleep. I'm not sure they are really cut out for the invading game but they make a great cup of tea.

by AngryCustomer
Oh dear. They didn't come until two solar cycles after the scheduled invasion date. When they landed the leader tried to pretend that they had come by on time but “everyone had been out” (we weren't, we are a non-space-faring race so we were all at home, in fact we'd cancelled plans to make sure we didn't miss them). Apparently they had “left a card which must have blown away” give it up guys we didn't evolve yesterday. As if that wasn't enough their spaceships sat around doing nothing until our President went and knocked on the door only to be told that they had forgotten their lazer guns! We had to lend them some of ours before the invasion could even begin! Dreadful service. Just avoid.