Monday, May 4, 2009

Harold Saxon: The first 100 days

Self-described renaissance man for the 21st century, Harold Saxon seemed to come from nowhere to establish himself as a heavyweight player in British politics. Indeed one opponent, shortly before his mysterious disappearance, described him as “rising without a trace” and it is true to say that Mr Saxon rapidly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the political vacuum following the resignation of Harriet Jones.

His swift handling of the Christmas Star Crisis drew much praise and he threw himself into the design and implementation of both the UNIT carrier Valiant and the Archangel Satellite Network which caught the imagination of the public and saw his popularity soar to unprecedented levels. “Vote Saxon” read the posters in the election campaign and the public did, in record numbers.

Recent decisions have, however, drawn more criticism. Killing the President of the United States of America live on global television was viewed by many as bad for Britain's image abroad. Likewise the Toclafane, in some ways endearingly childlike, have bought terror to the planet and their recent decimation of the population has seen the survivors ask if Mr Saxon has perhaps exceeded the limits of his constitutional power... Read More

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“I backed Mr Saxon in the election and I'd do it again. He's good for Britain and good for the world!”
Gerald, Newcastle

“Mr Saxon is the wrong person in the wrong job at the wrong time. As survivors struggle in the ruins of our civilisation we need a uniter not a divider. I didn't vote for Earth to be turned into a giant slave camp preparing for war against the rest of the universe. Shame on you Mr Saxon”
Name withheld, 27b Albert Terrace, Bridge Road, London

“I think Harold Saxon's decision to bring the Toclafane here was a load of balls!”
Mike Giggler, via email
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