Monday, May 11, 2009

Who’s that baby!

You may think you know who's who but this puzzle is sure to have you scratching your head. Simply identify the famous Doctor Who character from a picture of them when they were younger. No prizes, this is just for fun and the answers are below.

1. Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more and don't you come back no more. This is one Jack that does come back, all the time but who does that young man turn out to be in the future, or is it the past?

2. Who's this purrfect kiddie? She may be fluffy but watch out she's no novice! This kitten's got claws! Yeow!

3. This cute little egg may have a soft centre but she's pretty hard boiled on the outside, we’re willing to bet she’ll be hatching up some new mischief soon. Eggsellent! Life's always a gas when she's around.

4. Stone me! This little chap looks like a real Rock-er. He's a fan of classical tunes as well but prefers Elgar's Pomp(eii) and Circumstance to Handel's Water Music any day.

5. It's not the end of the world, at least not if this person shows you how to get a--head! He looks good now but when he gets to be five billion years old we bet he'll be making use of the bo-tox! What vanity, he's a real big head.

6. Feeling blue? What the Dickens for? Life's a gas again when this fellow's around! Watch out though girls, we think this one's only after your body.

7. Ahh, look at Daddy's little soldier. She may be little now but when she's grown up she'll be breaking hearts; two of them! In this Eden to be she's the apple of her father's eye, but who is her father; or should that be, Who is her father.

8. Who's who? Can this grumpy old man really grow up into a perfect ten? Can you get the answer? Don't hang around we're on ten-derhooks with ten-sion!

DVD News
This exclusive shot from the forthcoming Planet of the Dead DVD shows a deleted scene in which the Doctor encounters a missing World War II ENSA party who fell through the same wormhole some sixty five years earlier.
Thanks to correspondent Gil E Freyan for the DVD screengrab.