Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1963 And All That

Being A Nice And Accurate Guide To The Complete History Of Doctor Who

Chapter XXVI: The Gathering Storm.
Russell T. Davies: The Welsh Nightingale

Russell The Davies, often abbreviated to Russell T. Davies, was born in a boat in the small Welsh village of Upper on 23rd November 1963. A figure of great importance in Davies' early life was the local Policeman, Dennis The Potter; known locally as the Singing Detective after his many appearances at Icetedfodd, the Welsh equivalent of the Ice Capades. When Davies was choosing a career he spoke to Potter and asked his advice. “Go west, young man,” Potter told him, and go west Davies did; to London where he planned to seek his fortune as a writer.

Unfortunately at the time the BBC Charter allowed only one Welshman to work within the city walls of London. The current BBC Welshman was Terry The Nation (or the National Treasure as he became known in his small Welsh home town of Swansea after he found the keys of the Marina) who wrote jokes for the Daleks, and later created the science-fiction series Hancock's Half Hour Journey Into Space. With London no longer an option Davies travelled instead to Manchester where he wrote his first script Century Falls, starring the titanic actress Kate Winslett as The Falls and Jaqqueline Pearce as The Century.

When Terry The Nation left London for Los Angelsey the post of Welshman to the BBC became vacant and Davies returned to the city in triumph. This became known as the Second Coming and was the subject of Davies' next script Mine All Mine which celebrated the events that led to him becoming Lord Mayor of Cardiff after winning the small city during a raffle held at the Welsh BAFTAs.

In 2005 Davies was startled by a Yeti on his toilet in Tooting Broadway and became fascinated by aliens of London. Inspired he created the idea for a new science fiction television series, a remake of Doctor Who, which became a smash hit after the script for one episode was written in forty five minutes to avert World War 3.

And the rest is history [citation needed].

Next Week: Chapter XXV He Who Calls The Piper Plays The Companion: In which Russell T. Davies is replaced by little Miss Muffat and her tuffet (Matt Smith or possibly Amy Pond).