Friday, June 4, 2010

It's Reciprocal Links Friday!

Just like Apollo-Soyuz, or the fictional “Hands Across Space” mission between the United States and Soviet Union in the 1979 Quatermass serial*, Shouting Into A Well has joined forces with fanzine Venusian Spearmint. In it's latest issue Venusian Spearmint was good enough to print a plug for this blog and your big-hearted Shouting Into A Well publisher has agreed to cross-pollinate in return [sub:please check that last phrase].

Venusian Spearmint is an A4 fanzine that covers everything from Doctor Who, to Law And Order, to Neil's Heavy Concept Album, to Lost. Being edited by an American living in London the fanzine brings a different perspective to things that it's easy for UK viewers to take for granted, like not being able to see Genesis Of The Daleks as anything except a two and a half hour movie. In these twenty-four-hour-internet-only-retweeted-blog-days it's really good to see people continuing the proper printed fanzine traditions...

and it's free!

To get a copy simply drop an email to this address.
That's venusianspearmint at yahoo dot com (in your face spambots!)
For the full effect you'll need to print it out; obviously.

*hopefully not exactly like the Hands Across Space Mission, what with everyone concerned dying horribly when that mission is zapped by alien space-lightning.