Friday, May 23, 2008

Yes Sir, I Can Wookie

How's this for an exclusive? An actual page of Peter Mayhew's Star Wars script complete with character notes. Click the picture for the full sized version.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Gratuitous Nudity

Sexy Scythia is a Silurian stunna with a third eye and head ridges to drive any right-thinking Silurian fella out of his mind. We bet there's a lot of Silurian males who'd like to get their claws on her!

Sightly Scythia, 23, was spotted walking her pet Tyrannosaurus Rex in the park by our photographer and he liked what he dino-saw!

"I found my Tyrannosaurus a year ago," sultry Scythia says," he had an injured foot"; paw thing! Yes, sizzling Scythia may be cold-blooded but she's got a warm heart!

"I stayed awake for days rubbing ointment on his foot and changing the bandages,"; we bet quite a few of our readers wouldn't mind an all night session with sweet Scythia themselves! "I nursed him back to health" she says,"and now he follows me everywhere"; we know how it feels!

But despite being just what the doctor ordered super Scythia has no plans for a career in veterinary medicine. "I'm just an ordinary girl Silurian," she giggles,"I'd like to meet a nice male Silurian and settle down to raise a clutch of hatchlings"; eggsactly!