Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Monster Mash

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By Roboman2051
The original and best...
Absolutely brilliant! You can see why they are still the leaders of the planet invading game. Mass exterminations followed by total suppression of the population. We knew this was going to be good when the invasion started with an orbital bombardment by germ infected meteorites. We were helpless! Highly recommended. 100%, would definitely be invaded by them again.

By Lumicfan
You never know what you're going to get
We've been invaded by the Cybermen numerous times and they always manage to surprise us. Which will it be? Hypnotic signals followed by a cyber-army bursting out of the sewer? Crashing an anti-matter filled spaceship into the planet? Bursting in through a breach in the universe? If you are planning on having your planet invaded more than once then try these guys. It will never get boring. Plus the survivors get a free upgrade!

By DominatorRagu(it brings out the Italian in you!)
Planetary invasion for the budget conscious.

Cheap but very effective. The Dominators do a great deal of stamping around and shouting at people along with a few nice explosions. They come with these little robots called Quarks which blow up nicely when the resistance attacks them. At the end their exploding doomsday device made a little volcano which was super.

By DraculaAD1972
Too much jaw-jaw, not enough war-war

They came out of the sea in a black fog. Very atmospheric. But then the leader went into this “my world is dying speech” and kept going on about pollution. Like being invaded by Bono and Sting.

By JohnZoidberg
Nice but not really what we were expecting.
The Ood first contacted us psychically which is different but then instead of brutally oppressing people they offered to sing us to sleep. I'm not sure they are really cut out for the invading game but they make a great cup of tea.

by AngryCustomer
Oh dear. They didn't come until two solar cycles after the scheduled invasion date. When they landed the leader tried to pretend that they had come by on time but “everyone had been out” (we weren't, we are a non-space-faring race so we were all at home, in fact we'd cancelled plans to make sure we didn't miss them). Apparently they had “left a card which must have blown away” give it up guys we didn't evolve yesterday. As if that wasn't enough their spaceships sat around doing nothing until our President went and knocked on the door only to be told that they had forgotten their lazer guns! We had to lend them some of ours before the invasion could even begin! Dreadful service. Just avoid.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Filler Week

It's The Debate That Is Dividing The Nation: Team Edward or Team Jacob? We Ask The Doctor Who Stars!
This week: Christopher Eccleston

Next Week: Paul McGann chooses Edward.

It is 41 years and 9 days since Star Trek was first broadcast on BBC1. In honour of this anniversary here are five* bad uses for Star Trek technology.

1. Use the transporter to beam someone into space for three seconds, as a joke.
2. Use a phaser to kill flies.
3. Try ordering "Captain Picard" from a replicator.
4. When a crew member is on a diet secretly transport doughnuts into their stomach.
5. See when happens when you order a replicator from a replicator.

*no one could think of ten.

Friday, July 16, 2010

It's Fanzine Focus Friday!

Just delivered to Shouting Into A Well's stinking editorial garret is the first issue of Panic Moon a new Doctor Who fanzine. Here's more from the editor Oliver Wake.

"I’m delighted to announce that the debut issue of Doctor Who fanzine Panic Moon is available now in good old fashioned paper and ink format. It’s small (A6 format and 28 pages) but perfectly formed. Just right for reading on the bus. Inside you will find:

Reviews of each of the series five stories; explorations of the characters of the eleventh Doctor and Amy; a review of the K9 series; a look at the redesign of the Daleks; a roundup of other recent paper zines in 2010’s fanzine renaissance; a review of Big Finish’s recent output; thoughts on the work of Chris Chibnall, on the use of death in Steven Moffat’s episodes, and on madness, monsters and metaphor in Vincent and the Doctor. Plus some stunning illustrations.

Prices, including P&P:
UK: £1.10
Europe (airmail): £2.00
Elsewhere (airmail): £2.50

Please pay using paypal ( to I’d be terribly grateful if, when making payment, you would use the ‘gift’ rather than ‘goods’ option, as this avoids a fee being taken and therefore helps minimise our losses - this is a non-profit making publication after all. Please add the address for the fanzine to be sent to in the comments section. If you’d prefer to pay by an alternative method, please contact us at the same email address and we’ll sort something out.

Next issue there’ll be a lot more old series stuff, but let’s wait for a few of you to get this issue before we worry about that. We'd also be delighted to receive any comments on the zine at the above email address."

A Shouting Into A Well minion writes: The editor has asked me to say what a great read Panic Moon is, he can't comment directly on the grounds of having two articles in there (obviously those are best). First reaction on seeing the A6 format was surprise at how tiny the pages seemed (A6 paper size is A5 folded in half -TECHNICAL ED) but inside is lots of text and some brilliant illustrations. This issue concentrates on reviewing series five of Doctor Who with relevant articles in between to widen out the scope of the fanzine. Well worth the cover price and very highly recommended.

Fanzine editors: Drop an email to the editorial address on the top-right and Shouting Into A Well will be more than happy to give you a mention.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Years Between

Dinosaurs at the North Pole, Polar Bears in Australia, Nile Penguins, Pharaohs in the Himalayas. What else was going on while the Doctor was locked in the Pandorica?

FADE IN MUSIC At the Castle Gate.
CAPTION SLIDE: A blank black picture, FADE TO another blank black picture, FADE TO another blank black picture.

SIR PATRICK MOORE: Good evening. Welcome to this edition of The Sky At Night. I am joined by the astronomer Heather Couper. Heather, welcome.
HEATHER COUPER: Nice to be here Sir Patrick.
SIR PATRICK MOORE: Heather, what can you tell us about the sky at night?
HEATHER COUPER: Well Patrick, it's black, very, very black. With nothing at all to look at except when the Moon is out.
SIR PATRICK MOORE: Well, that's all there is to say about the Sky At Night this month. Join us for the next edition when we will be probably be talking about the Moon; again.
FADE IN MUSIC At the Castle Gate.

CONTINUITY ANNOUNCER: Tomorrow evening at six there is another chance to see an edition of the classic science fiction series Trek. This week Captain Kirk decides to fly the USS Enterprise round the Earth in an anti-clockwise direction while the crew cross their fingers and hope something happens for a change.