Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Two new CDs released this month.

Melanie Bush States The Obvious

Available now for the first time on CD. All your favourite moments from Doctor Who when companion Melanie Bush explains things which are already clearly visible on screen to even the most inattentive viewer.

This CD contains some material previous released on the albums The Division Mel and Screams In The Key Of Life.

Track Listing:
1. A Mayday Call, We Have To Respond!
2. No One Sends A Mayday Call Unless It's A Matter Of Life And Death!
3. The Quickest Way Out Of This Is To Solve The Mystery!
4. Looks Like Someone's Been In A Fight For Their Life!
5. Never Mind The Just-So Stories. That Guard Looks Trigger Happy To Me!
6. I'm As Truthful, Honest, And About As Boring As They Come!
7. How Utterly Evil!
8. Something's Going Wrong! I Can Sense It!
9. Destroy Us And You Destroy Yourself!
10. I've Had Enough Of This Drivel!

Also included as bonus tracks, the duet with Commodore Travers

Since You've Put In Appearance, First A Passenger, Now My Communications Officer, And A Guard Have All Gone Missing. Two If Not All Three Murdered But... You Can't Tell Me What's Happening Can You? (I Can. You've Got A Killer On Board!)

Plus, Commodore Travers' solo single

Whoever's Been Dumped In There Has Been Pulverised Into Fragments And Sent Floating Into Space. And In My Book That's Murder!

Re-released This Month

The Dominators Help
Studio album by The Dominators
Released 6 August 1965
Genre Pop Rock
Label Maagaphone
Producer George Martian